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                   Serenity Animal Farm

                   P.O. Box 2327

                   Clanton, Alabama 35046


Our Services

Rescue, and Buy animals

 -Do you have animals to give away or for sale or trade?

- Do you know of an animal in need of a good home?

- Do you want to purchase alpaca or Llama Fleece?

- Do you want Chilton County Honey? (Sold out for 2018)

- Do you need Alpaca fertilizer for gardens, landscaping projects or flower gardens?

 -If so contact us at

Sell Raw Fleece - available yearly each May (call for price quotes)

- Alpaca   (Available)

- Llama  (Available)

- Sheep  (Available)

Sell Alpaca Beans (aka Natural Fertilizer)

-Alpaca beans have all 3 of the main nutrients in chemical fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus and Potash). All 3 are in lesser amounts so you do not need to worry about burning your plants when you put alpaca beans directly on them. Alpaca beans also have other nutrients like calcium, magnesium and sulphur that your plants need.

-Alpaca beans are great for plants, shrubs, trees and vegetable plants.

-Organic gardeners constantly work to improve the health of their soil, Alpacas do this job for us. They are nature‚Äôs composters. They have an efficient digestive system. They do not give seeds any opportunity to germinate.
-Alpaca Beans do not have to be aged, cured or composted. They will not "burn" the plants, shrubs, trees and vegetable plants it comes in contact with and can be applied easily. It is lower in organic matter content than the manure from most other barnyard livestock (cows, horses, goats, and sheep), and does not have to be composted. This lower organic content allows the alpaca beans to be spread directly onto plants without burning or hurting them.

-Available year round

-Call for price quotes and pick up times.

Sell limited quantities cow, horse, sheep, goat and chicken manure (aka Natural Fertilizer)

-Available year round
-Call for price quotes and pick up times.


Tours are given on Sunday afternoons by appointment.

To schedule a tour please us a call.


-Interested in volunteering?


  Positions available for Summer 2019

* Feeding assistant

  - learn how to feed and assist when needed.

* Watering assistant

  - clean water troughs weekly.

* Animal socializer

  - spend time with individual animals to help socialize them

* General Laborer

 -clean up fields (manure)

- pick up limbs

* Chicken Tenderer

- feed chickens

- collect eggs

- clean cages