Zues on top of hay

Jerry, a Holstein cow does not like persimmons.

Lilly's "serious" look

Pier at farm lake

Farm Day at Prattville Elementary. Serenity animals went on a field trip.

Ben looks on while Jerry is lying down.  Can you tell Jerry loves rubbing his head on creosote  fence posts? 

Zeemoo and Rocket

Zack the Yak posing for pictures.

Arnold, a Red Wattle pig had just taken a mud bath. If you look on his neck you can see one wattle hanging down.

Anabelle & Codi - adopted

Tashas Baby - Adopted

Serenity Animal Farm

P.O. Box 67

Clanton, Alabama 35046


Taking a much needed nap after staying up all night with the animals.

As you tour the farm there are several goats that follow you around. Here Little Bit is waiting for someone to sit on the bench and give her some attention.

Cedric looks over Drover's new house.

Crystal, the sheep, getting sheared and after shearing. 

Sansa playing on outdoor

furniture while "Wonder"

naps nearby.

Baby goats playing on playground

Beautiful rainbow on the farm after a summer shower.

With temps dropping into the teens 5 days in a row, the farm lake has started freezing. 

Giovani enjoying a pumpkin.

Baby Alpaca before shearing

Peek a Boo playset

Little Bit - One month old.

Emu Nest

Bucket Head.

When Cedric the Dromedary Camel is happy, he tilts his head up and smiles.

Around Serenity you can usually find animals walking down the road. Here are a few baby pigs out on walk about. 

Repurposed pallets used to make an observation    tower for Arthur the boer goat.

Pot Belly Pig Up Close

Larry & Curly playing

king of the mountain

During one of our recent tours a guest wanted to hold a baby mangalitsa pig.

Arthur, one of our big Boer goat buck. Here he is standing on his perch watching a heard of goats.

Oriel strutting her stuff.

Zeemoo in August 2017 (3 years old)

Cedric, Paul and Mary enjoying a treat

 Pudge, Spamula and Clark enjoy a nap

Ms. Winnie, a coatimundi, peaking out of her house. 

Billy Clyde - - no longer with us

Jackson Five

Baby Geese.


Zack the baby Yak enjoying a squash. 

M & M

This is what 10 years of hard work on a farm looks like. Broken shovels, rakes, and pitch forks. 

Farm sign. 

EMU eggs


Walter the Watusi's horns are coming in nicely at seven months.

Barney stands up and checks his eggs. These emus should hatch out in early May 2018. 

Butterscotch - No longer with us

 How did this hay bag get on my head?

Llama's enjoying the snow.

Beautiful winter sunset across

farml lake.

Marilyn found an Emu egg.

Zack the Yak enjoying his first snow .

Fall on the farm lake.

How Turkeys cool their


Libby and Petunia enjoy the sunshine

Emu egg compared to a chicken egg

After shearing!

Recent Farm Tour.

Crystal decided to help feed and brought

a feed bucket back to the barn.

Goat Mountain

Cedric loves people. When happy he throws his head back and smiles. 

Donkey's heading to the barn.

Snuggles the alpaca waiting on the

sun to come out.

      Moving a Jacobson Ram.

Jug, Waldo and Knickerss.

Alpaca Shearing Day. Blanket comes off first.

Snow Day!

Rapacious - No longer with us.

Field of Goats

Vet installing a nose ring in Zack the Yak.

Farm lake (Day 1)

Pancetta, a pot bellied pig. On sabbatical

at Autauga Adventures Pumpkin Patch.

Walter the Watusi, 6 months old December  2017 .

"Winnie" digging up snails.

"YES" Goats do eat the bark

 off of trees!

Elizabeth's baby

Star's First babies - Adopted

Bath Time

We just added four more bee hives to the farm.

Onyx, a Lamancha goat, wanting to know why she is not getting to go on a ride.

      Baby "Pig Playing in a Puddle". 

Farm Sign

Giovanni and Luigi enjoying treats

Drover, a wild Russian boar, enjoys pushing tractor tires around in his watering hold.

Meadow, a week old baby llama cria.

Farm Vet day working on Zack the Yak. Thanks to all my great friends that showed up and helped!!!

Day old pot bellied pig

Fiona's Babys- Adopted

Olivia enjoying a treat

A recent tour guest wanted to know how much a baby llama weighed so she had the opportunity to find out.

      Miracle waking up from a nap.

Quinley, one of our vet's, first experience with Cedric, our dromedary camel.

Baby Alpaca after shearing

      Arthur enjoying his new house.

Meadow, a 4 day baby llama, with her mom Raven.

"Arthur" enjoying hay while "Tom" shows off

Bonnie - No longer with us

Fred checking you out.

(LtoR) Lilly, LucyLu, Tasha, Cocoa, Snuggles and Corenthus.

It takes many different size shelters

for the many different animals.

Luigi, one of our "Swallow Belly" Mangalitsa pigs wondering what's for dinner.

Georgiana and her baby enjoying the day together.

Mangalistas enjoying night time feeding.

Pictures of the last farm tour of 2017.  There were twelve people who braved the cold weather to visit the animals. 


Time for a picture...."everyone please get in a single file line".......

Priscilla and Rocket waiting

​on a treat.

Bucket of chicken

Dolly Burr - Adopted

Snowball and baby Adele are enjoying the cooler weather. Adele is an orphan, who is still on a bottle.

Farm Donkey Cart

Ms. Winnie playing with her oven

Water day at "Chicken Village"

George the Emu enjoying a hug.

The creek that runs thru serenity. Our dogs love to swim in the creek on hot days. 

Sansa, the friendly goat, likes to hang out in the feed barn and sample some of the many types of feed. 

Chilton County FFA had a farm day on May 1, 2018. Several of our animals went on a road trip.

 Sansa, the baby goat thinks she is a dog.

Animal Treats

Jester the Jacobs Sheep.

Zeemoo enjoying lying on the hay when the temps get  real

cold.  He loves treats of carrots and lettuce. 

Sir James checking things out

Road Trip!!



Rex showed up and enjoyed a couple of meals.


Cedric enjoying his himalayan salt rope, as Barney

the Emu curiously looks on.

Arnold the Red Wattle Pig eating a squash.


Vet Dee Jones and Cedric.

Sabrina and Tullulah" I heard a

feed bucket"

Cocoas Baby - Adopted

Walter the Watusi, 1 month old June 2017.

Kids love to hold baby goats

​during farm tours.

Cedric enjoying the snow 

Wild Raccoon trying to get into the garbage. Racoons are a regular site

on the farm.

Mangalitsa pigs enjoying some vegetables.

Cedric getting in the Christmas spirit for farm visitors. 


Picador and Merry, blackbelly sheep mix, love being held!

Vet installing a nose ring in Walter the Watusi's nose.

Buddy the dog guards the feed barn.

Omar the ostrich loves having his picture taken. Our ostrich's are friendly and eat treats out of your hand.

Jesse - - no longer with us

Snuggles the alpaca.

Ms. Winnie & Tinkerbell

Lucy, a pot bellied pig, decided to go on a walk and tour the farm.

Winnie enjoying a ride

in the farm truck.

Quinley and Dr. Dee working on Zack the Yak.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Mangalitsa pigs enjoying pumpkins.

      Arnold enjoying his new house.

      Hanging out at the water trough.

Oxyx, one of the Lamancha mixed goats, enjoys the sunshine while lying on a bench.


Baby goat playing on toys.

Some of the farm dogs came to check out Dewars, a Scottish Highland Cow.

Lilly the Alpaca taking a ride to go get

a check-up.

Noell enjoying her winter coat.

"Guardian" of the hay.


                              April 2017.

      "Our Farmkeeper". 

Zack the Yak enjoys pictures

and being petted during tours.

Farm Truck

Smile for the camera.....

One of our many baby goat playgrounds. 

Farm lake. (Day 2)

Brian the Bearded Dragon

No longer with us- Adopted.

Spamela, Clark & Pudgie enjoying fresh beets.

Baby goats staying dry during a storm.

Honey day!!

Mushrooms are popping up around the farm due to all the rain we have had.

Did you hear something?

Ralph the farm mascot enjoys a trip to town.

George the Emu enjoying some strawberries.

Baby pygmy goats playing.

I just love you....

Adele, a baby llama standing next to her dad, Peruvian Snow. She was only a couple hours old when picture taken.

Security guard.

Standoff between Olivia and Liberace

Oriel the Rhea enjoying the snow. 

Goats like to climb on anything. Here Clary and Onyx enjoy climbing on the farm lawnmower. 

With a baby coatimundi

Rocky Creek, creek at Serenity.  Banks lined with moss covered rock.

Baby goat's first snow.

Walter the Watusi cow and Zack the Yak are buddies. Here they are lying down in the barn during a rainstorm. 

Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, and Ted

Zeemoo and Larry 

Zebra's first snow. 

Farm road.

Farm road. Most were impassable due to fallen limbs and trees.

Black copper maran chickens

Geese setting on nest

Fred in concentration

Little bit is adjusting well to her new home at Serenity. 

Drover, our Russian boar, decides to go on "walk-about" every now and then. He likes to walk around the farm and check out the other animals. We just fix the fence and move on. 

Walter the Watusi at 2 months old.

Winnie's cage

Zeemoo in May 2014 (one month old)

Kevin the pig is buried in the hay staying warm. If you look close all you can see is his ears. 

Wild turkeys grazing

Princess Ready to Ride

Winnie the Coatimundi taking a ride around the farm.

Ms. Winnie checking out a load of bread.

      Arthur on top of his hay feeder

      eating leaves.

Clark and Pudge enjoying treats

Pumpkins donated for animal food by

our friends at Autauga Adventures

Pumpkin Patch.

      Taking a walk with the goats.

Beautiful day on the Farm Lake.

Feeding Adele, a 3 month old orphaned

llama cria.

"Our Gang". George, Priscilla, Rocket, Larry and Zeemoo.